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Milestone 10: Medical Home Recognition and Other Advanced Activities

Achieve Level III NCQA PCMH Recognition
This is optional, though strongly encouraged
The National Committee for Quality Assurance awards Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition to practices that are “functioning as medical homes by using systematic, patient-centered and coordinated care management processes.” We highly recommend and encourage achieving recognition as part of our patient-centered primary care program, though it is not required. 
For more information about the PCMH recognition standards and related programs for other types of health care organizations, visit www.ncqa.org/PCMH
We also want to offer resources for continuous improvement to practices that already have adopted the patient-centered model of care, perhaps already achieved recognition as a PCMH, and are interested in further development opportunities.  
The American College of Physicians (ACP) Practice AdvisorSM 
The ACP Practice AdvisorSM is a web-based application created by ACP to support primary care physicians and their practices in working on patient-centered primary care transformation. With a modular framework that aligns with the 2011 NCQA PCMH Recognition Program, the Practice AdvisorSM provides the primary care physician and team with the opportunities for unlimited practice self-assessments and access to a resource library of over 800 entries. 
A market-specific FAQ that answers questions about the Practice AdvisorSM, how our program is using it and how to obtain more information for getting your practice set-up to use the resource. Additional ACP informational materials are included with the FAQ. 
Step by Step guide to log in to the Practice AdvisorSM tool. 
A 13 minute virtual tour of ACP Practice Advisor® demonstrating the value of the tool in addition to a brief orientation to the tool’s structure.  
A brief recording demonstrating how to use the Practice AdvisorSM reporting features. (Previous to July 2013 was known as “Medical Home Builder”). Step-by-step instruction PDF also available.  
American College of Physician brochure. Detailing current module offering. Updated as of March 2014.  
A brief recorded demonstration going into further depth for how to export Practice AdvisorSM reports into Excel for further summary and manipulation. (Previous to July 2013 was known as “Medical Home Builder”) 
Brought to you by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Digital Navigator tool can be defined as “a digitized cube of clinical, patient, and management science” information to guide patient care decisions, promote family and patient education, and support administrative functions to ensure successful implementation of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) guidelines and recommendations all while transforming the practice into a medical home business model. 
For practices that are specifically interested in pursuing NCQA PCMH Recognition, we’d like to recommend participation in NCQA’s free online training events, which are available as both live and recorded sessions. Four different sessions which we believe you will benefit from participating in include: 
1) Getting on Board with PCMH 
2) PCMH 2011 Standards 
3) Using the Interactive Survey Tool 
4) The Online Application and How to Submit as a Multi-Site 
This flyer provides information on how to take advantage of your NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition application discount. 
This document outlines how the Enhanced Personal Healthcare Program and NCQA PCMH recognition are complimentary programs and highlights how Enhanced Personal Healthcare Program resources can support NCQA PCMH recognition. 
This document will guide your practice through the NCQA PCMH Scorecard credit attestation process.  
Measurement of Patient Experience 
To assess how the medical home model affects patients, the CAHPS Consortium has developed a set of supplemental items that, when used in conjunction with the CAHPS Clinician & Group (C&G) Survey, assess patient experience with the domains of the medical home. This document discusses: Assessing the domains of the medical home, topics covered by the CAHPS Patient-Centered Medical Home items and ways to use the survey results to inform health care consumers and other stakeholders and to improve the quality of care. 
The CAHPS PCMH survey uses the Clinician & Group (CG) CAHPS 12-Month Survey core set of items and incorporates the Patient-Centered Medical Home item set. Although this survey could be used by any physician practice, it is expected to be useful for practices that have adopted features of a patient-centered medical home (PCMH). 
This document discusses the types of reports you may produce for the CAHPS Clinician & Group Surveys, the types of measures the survey produces, and the composite and rating measures generated by the results of the surveys and associated supplemental items. It also provides a basic overview of how the CAHPS survey items are combined to come up with composite measures. 
In 2011 and 2012, the CAHPS Consortium released a series of podcasts devoted to the topic of improving patients' experiences with care. To see what's available in the "QI Series," go to 
NCQA developed the optional Distinction in Patient Experience Reporting to help practices capture patient and family feedback. Recognized practices, or practices applying for recognition, could earn distinction in collecting and reporting patient experience data by submitting results of the CAHPS PCMH Survey to NCQA. 
This document offers a current list of certified CAHPS PCMH survey vendors. The names and contact information of certified survey vendors are updated on NCQA’s Web site annually. Independent of NCQA, survey vendors enter into contracts with practices. 
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