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Milestone 2: Risk Stratifying Populations

Establish process to review and use BCBSGa reports and MMH+ for population health management and high-risk patient stratification  
Part of patient-centered care is using your practice’s resources in a way that can have the greatest positive impact. It’s difficult to know where to focus your time and attention without some population health analysis.  
Stratifying populations is a way to identify the patients who can most benefit from additional guidance and attention from the practice care team, then identify the interventions that will do the most good. 
A risk stratification score can be a simple list of any combination of the following variables, including but not limited to: patient demographics; utilization; diagnoses; prescription fill information; co-morbidities and historic costs.  
We provide participating practices tools and resources to get started with risk stratification and population health management. This section of the Provider Toolkit includes inputs from an academic and best practice perspective, as well as a systems approach. The information in this toolkit is meant to help participating practices build a foundation for risk stratification methodologies, then expand and refine methodologies as practice capabilities grow.  
This self-guided presentation introduces Member Medical History Plus, or MMH+, our longitudinal patient record. In addition to basic logon information, this presentation shows the kinds of information available via MMH+, and includes hypothetical scenarios that demonstrate how using MMH+ can help improve patient care.  
Illustrated reference guide for using basic MMH+ system features and functions.  
Onboarding Resources: 
A quick reference handout for registering on Availity® and accessing Patient Centered Care reports. 
Availity registration is your key to accessing reports you’ll be using in the patient-centered primary care program. This step-by step training deck details the registration process via the www.availity.com site and simple, how-to’s for the user. 
BCBSGA Report User Guides: 
As you are using your new reports to support patient outreach and care planning, this robust glossary will help you increase your familiarity with report terminology and abbreviations. 
Other Resources: 
A guide to care management for patients with chronic conditions, limited functional status, or psychosocial needs. This toolkit can help improve an existing care management program or launch a new one.  
This brief guide from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) outlines how risk stratification works, and how it can help providers focus attention on the population of patients who can most benefit from care management. 
Nine things physicians and teams need to understand about risk stratification as suggested by co-authors Patrick Gordon (executive director of the Colorado Beacon Consortium) and Asaf Bitton, MD (primary care physician and senior advisor to CMS' Comprehensive Primary Care initiative). 
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