360&deg Health&reg Program


What is the 360° Health® Program?
It's one of the industry's most comprehensive health services programs. In fact, this brand new integrated group of health services is designed to help you: 
Manage and maintain your health
Make more informed health care decisions
Maximize the value of your health care benefits
We developed 360° Health® because we want you to be completely surrounded with the information you need to manage your health. This new program offers you access to services ranging from preventive care, case management and care coordination, such as:  
Online health and wellness resources
Discounts on health-related products and alternative medicine therapists
Guidance and support 24/7
Condition management to help those with serious health issues
In a nutshell, 360° Health® includes tools you and your family can use to manage your health care needs. Just check out the information listed below for details about this revolutionary program!  
Please check your member booklet or ask your group administrator if you have coverage for all of the following services.  
The Four Key Areas of 360° Health®  
Health Resources 
If having access to a wealth of health and wellness information is what you crave, then you should tap into:  
Healthy Living, powered by WebMD® - a resource of information for members, including health assessments, links to articles, alerts and recalls, tools and calculators
Member Newsletters – a newsletter for members that includes detailed information about various health topics
'Women’s Health E-Newsletter – a free monthly newsletter created for women of all ages
Preventive Care Guidelines – review guidelines on health issues for women, men, children and youth
Audio Health Library – listen to recorded messages on hundreds of health topics in English and Spanish by calling (888) 724-BLUE (2583)
Health Extras  
Take advantage of the various opportunities for better health, including the:  
SpecialOffers – you can get discounts on complementary and alternative medicine, eyewear "including contacts", hearing aids, fitness club memberships and weight management programs
The Quit Line – a smoking cessation program
Walking Works – a program that helps you walk your way to better health
Health Guidance  
There’s nothing like being able to receive helpful advice 24/7 on different events (such as before, during or after a hospital stay). And, with 360° Health®, you can:  
Access an online database for hospital quality – If you’re a registered member, then log in now to Healthcare Advisor by Subimo®. Just go to the Member Access login section. If you aren’t a registered member, go to the Member Access Login section and scroll down to the Request an Online Account section at https://member.bcbsga.com/membergateway
Use 24/7 NurseLine – you can talk with a registered nurse 24/7 by calling (888) 724-BLUE (2583)
Join Future Moms – just call (866) 664-5404 to activate your membership in this maternity management program
Health Management  
If you need special assistance, the following programs are available to you:  
ConditionCare Programs – for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease or diabetes
ComplexCare - ComplexCare is designed to support members with multiple high-risk health issues. With personalized goal-setting and motivation, the program's nurse care managers help members make smart decisions and avoid problems.
Quality Programs 
We want you to know how committed we are to providing quality programs for you and your family. To learn more about our commitment to quality just click here.  
Delivering the Results You Need  
It really doesn’t matter how you look at it, 360° Health® offers a complete view of all the health services you need. We’re confident this 360° shift will create an even greater level of satisfaction for you!  
** Not all programs apply to all members. Please refer to your Contract for details.  
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