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Health & Wellness

A total-health solution that surrounds everyone with the help they need to live healthier, feel better and save money doing it.

Generic Drug Strategy

We take a comprehensive approach to encourage generics and help keep our members healthy and reduce costs.  
Our generic strategy includes benefit design, a generic drug list and programs that encourage members to switch to generics: 
Personalized messages help members see how much they can save by switching to a generic.
We remind doctors when their patients can save money with generics.
We allow members to receive select generics for no copay at retail and through home delivery.
We drive generic use through benefit design.
We have a drug list that covers most generic drugs, plus some common brand-name drugs.
Why generics? Why not?
Generics contain the same active ingredients and meet the same strict FDA standards as their brand-name equivalents. In fact, a generic is required to work exactly the same in the body as its brand-name counterpart. And, if that weren’t enough, generics typically cost up to 85 percent less than brand-name medications – saving you and your employees money. In fact, did you know that a 1% increase in generic utilization can result in approximately a 1-2% percent reduction in total drug spend? 
Our generic programs 
Allows members to try a new generic at no cost – by waiving the first copay for certain generics and offering members a 30-day supply at retail and a 90-day supply at the home delivery pharmacy. 
Our brand-to-generic programs include member and physician outreach that encourages the use of lower cost generics. 
Members: We send members personalized information on how to save money by switching to lower cost generics. And if a member has home delivery, the Home Delivery Pharmacy will call the member to encourage generics.
Providers: When a claim for a brand-name drug is processed as “Dispense as Written,” whether it’s filled at retail or the Home Delivery Pharmacy, we notify the physician when a generic is available – to help members save money.
Preferred Generics
This benefit design encourages members to choose generics. If a member chooses the generic, the member pays only the appropriate copay. Members who choose a brand-name drug instead of its generic equivalent pay the brand copay plus the cost difference between the generic and brand-name drug. 
Generic Premium
This drug list provides coverage for most generic drugs, which helps you and your employees save money. And some brand drugs are covered too, including those used to treat common conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, ulcers and more --giving your employees a choice of quality drugs. 
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