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Health & Wellness

A total-health solution that surrounds everyone with the help they need to live healthier, feel better and save money doing it.

Specialty (dental, vision, life and disability)

BCBSGA is your one stop shopping source! By offering dental, vision, life, and disability, we provide one solution for your entire employee benefits portfolio.  
Healthy teeth make everyone’s smile a little brighter. Our dental program emphasizes preventive dental care, such as regular check-ups and cleanings. Did you know that preventive dental care can lead to early diagnosis of periodontal disease, which can lead to cardiovascular disease?1 Proper dental care can minimize the need for more complex and expensive dental and health care procedures later on.  
In addition to a network of contracted dentists throughout Georgia, our Dental Program includes a nationwide network to accommodate your employees who live outside the state of Georgia. This gives your employees access to nearly 90,000 dental provider locations. Your employees may access the BCBSGa dental network by visiting our online Provider Directory.  
In most cases, no claim forms are necessary when your employees receive care within the national network.  
Regular eye exams can often help detect, early on, some major health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Early detection can also mean lower health care costs and higher workplace productivity. But did you know that even slight nearsightedness or farsightedness can reduce productivity by 10% and work accuracy by nearly 40%? (source: Journal of the AOA, Journal of Optometry). 
Blue View Vision, our innovative vision product covers (in part or whole) eye examinations, corrective eye wear and other visual needs to complete your employee’s health benefits package.  
Blue View Vision gives your employees access to the most complete and cost-effective benefits available. Our extensive state and national network includes both independent and chain vision providers offering your employees affordability and accessibility.  
Your employees can access our online Provider Directory for an up-to-date listing of network providers.  
Greater Georgia Life (GGL)
Everyone knows the value of health insurance in the event of illness, accident or routine medical care. But what about when a family's income is devastated due to a death or disability? It's difficult to think about, but the answers don't have to be so hard.  
An independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Greater Georgia Life (GGL) provides both small and large employers with newly enhanced employee benefit products and services. Our group benefits include life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), short and long term disability. And we also offer several voluntary plans (entirely employee-paid), such as life, accidental death and dismemberment, and disability. 
Your eligible employees may apply for coverage as a new hire within 31 days of employment or within 31 days of your group's specific employee probationary period. If an employee does not enroll by completing the enrollment application form within 31 days from the eligibility date, they become late enrollees and are subject to medical underwriting.  
Life and AD&D
Basic employee term life insurance provides a lump sum benefit to the employee's family or beneficiary in the event of the employee's death. Dependent term life provides the employee with a lump sum benefit if a dependent should pass away. AD&D insurance provides an additional benefit when an accident causes death or the loss of limb or functionality. 
Short Term Disability (STD)
This product provides a temporary source of income if an employee suffers from a disability caused by an accident or illness, including pregnancy. A common benefit percentage is 60% of salary; however, benefits may range from 50% to 67%. Benefits are paid on a weekly basis after a brief waiting period, and most plans have a maximum benefit period of 26 weeks.  
Long Term Disability (LTD)
Should employees face an extended disability, long term disability benefits provide a reliable source of income for employees who become totally disabled due to an accident or illness. LTD plans usually have a waiting period that corresponds with the STD maximum benefit period, and LTD pays a monthly benefit of 50% to 67% of salary. Benefits integrate with Social Security and other income benefits. There are multiple plan designs available that determine maximum benefit duration. 
Optional Life and Voluntary Plans
Optional Life and Voluntary STD, LTD and AD&D plans allow employers to offer additional benefits to employees without any additional premium costs to the employer. Employees who enroll for these products pay the affordable premium themselves, but enjoy the convenience of payroll deduction. 
To enroll, simply complete the one-page group insurance application. This form is available in the Forms section as well as on our Web site, http://www.greatergeorgialife.com. Click Plan Administrator Preview and then Life and Disability Information and Features. Click Download Forms and select the appropriate group application. You can also contact your broker or sales representative. 
Please refer to the Group Master Contract for more specific details or contact us. 
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