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Fully-insured Accounts

As a fully-insured group, the following information will help you answer any questions you may have about your BCBSGa/BCBSHP billing.  

Billing Cycle Timing and Due Dates

You should receive your bill approximately 10 days before the beginning of each coverage period. Payment is due for each coverage period on or before the first day of each coverage period. Your payment, along with your Group Bill Summary and the Group Bill Statement, should be mailed to the address shown on your Group Bill Summary. For your convenience, a remittance envelope is provided. Note: We encourage you to pay your invoice as billed. Any adjustments made after the invoice has generated, will reflect on your next month invoice. 
If payment is not received by the due date, we’ll send you a reminder notice. Your coverage will be terminated if we do not receive payment within 31 days of the due date. If you reinstate your coverage, you will be charged a reinstatement fee. Fees for small and large group are:  
Small Group (2-50 employees): $300  
Large Group (51+ employees): $250 for the first occurrence; $500 for the second. Underwriting approval is required for additional occurrences.  
Reinstatement is not a guarantee; it is based on underwriting approval.  
Effective October 1, 2002, we are required by law (Georgia SB476) to notify your employees if coverage is cancelled for non-payment.  
Billing questions should be directed to the following: (877) 364-2003 

Group Billing Types

There are three types of bill sources available to you: 
Premium – Monies (dues) payable to us to guarantee payment of benefits included in the plan during a particular billing cycle. You pay according to what is billed. 
Deferred – When moving from a self-funded plan to a fully insured plan you may experience additional financial burden the first few months of the fully insured contract. You will be paying fully insured premium along with run-out paid claims from the self funded plan. This is due to the claim lag that occurs due to the lag time from when a member incurs services until the time the claim is actually paid.  
Self bill – A type of billing that allows you to pay according to your contract counts. We then reconcile according to your records. The cancellation procedures are stated in your contract. Invoices are not mailed with this source and the pend grace days are generally 60 days.  

Billing Adjustment

If you have reported membership changes to us but they are not reflected on your current bill, please do not adjust the premium on your current bill. Doing so could cause eligibility problems for your employees. Once we receive your changes, through the Member Change Form, they will be made and the adjusted premium will be reflected on a future bill. If you have questions about whether your forms have been received by us, please contact us. 
When submitting a cancellations request, it is imperative that you use the cancellation form, and not submitted with the invoice. 
Make sure you include: 
Group name
Group number
Member number
Cancellation date
Reason for termination
Members to be cancelled

Payment Options

You have several options in sending your monthly premium to BCBSGa/BCBSHP. They include:  
To ensure accurate and timely processing of your premium payment, please include your invoice number, 10-digit group number or a copy of the Group Billing Summary page along with a check for your premium and mail to:  
Small Employers (2-50 employees)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia
P.O. Box 6406
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6406
Small Employers – Overnight Address (2-50 employees)
TransCentra STAR 6406
2012 Corporate Lane Suite 108
Naperville, IL, 60563-0726
Large Employers (51+ employees)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia
P.O. BOX 5283
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5283
Large Employers Overnight Address (51+ employees)
TransCentra WGS 5283
2012 Corporate Lane Suite 108
Naperville, IL 60563-0726
Online Bill Pay
You have the added convenience of paying your monthly bill online through Employer Access. If you have not already registered to use this service, please contact your Account Manager.  
Online Group Billing “Customer Service at Your Fingertips” 
Greater efficiency of benefits administration: 
Enroll new hires
Cancel existing contracts
Verify member status
Reconcile and audit bill
Pay online
Order identification cards
No lost mail or faxes
No delays in processing due to incomplete information
Overnight loading into our system for immediate access of care
Wire Transfer
Below is the information you need to send a wire transfer to BCBSGa/BCBSHP.  
Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank Address: 100 West 33rd St. New York, NY 10001
Account Number: 12570-27772
ABA or Routing Number (ACH transactions only): 121000358
Routing Number (Wire payments only): 0260-0959-3
Bank Contact: Connie Hanson, VP Client Consultant
Your Group Name and Number

Invoice Types

There are three types of billing invoices available to you: 
An invoice that has one sub group number per invoice. The detail of the bill will list each member in alphabetical order.
Bill to location
A bill in which one sub group number is "billed to" another. The detail of the bill will list each member in alphabetical order. After all employees are listed, the system will then list all of the employees for the next sub group number. There is no subtotal for each sub group. To note: When changing from a standard bill to location invoice, the change will always take effect for the next billing period.
Payroll location
A bill that identifies members by department or location. Each payroll location usually identifies a department or location within the company. The payroll location must be supplied by every member. If a payroll location is not included on the member application, that member's record will still print on your bill, but will not be in alphabetical order. A subtotal is given for each payroll location.

Group Bill Summary

The Group Bill Summary provides a recap of all outstanding invoices, adjustments and unapplied payments. The following is provided on this summary:  
Prior Balance Activity: The total of all outstanding balances.
Prior Bill Activity: A recap of all outstanding Group Bill Statements and the reconciliation breakdown of statements processed since the previous Group Bill Summary.
Sub-total: Combination of Prior Balance Activity and Prior Bill Activity.
Payments in Process: Payments received but not reconciled since the previous Group Bill Summary.
Attached Invoice: Total of current coverage period invoice.
Please Pay This Amount: Total of Sub-total, minus Payment in Process and the Attached Invoice.
Due for Billing Period: The total amount due for coverage during the billing period.
Subscriber Debits: Additional amount due applicable to other coverage periods.
Subscriber Credits: Amount being refunded applicable to other coverage periods.
Total for this Invoice: Premium due for current invoice. This amount is carried forward to the Group Bill Summary.

Group Bill Statement

The Group Bill Statement is an itemized list of premium amounts due for the current billing period. Items referenced in this statement include:  
Contract Number: The ID number of the employee.
Employee/Subscriber Name: The name of the employee being referenced.
Group Number: The group number of your account.
Payroll Number: The employee’s internal payroll number, if applicable.
Product Code: (e.g. PROD) A code we assign that identifies the coverage.
Coverage Type: The type of coverage the produce code represents.
Number of Members: (e.g.: #MRS) The number of members covered under each contract.
Retro Months: (e.g.: RETRO MOS) Months for which an employee’s retroactive premium is billed or credited.
Amount: Premium dollars owed for each employee. Separate amounts appear for current and prior coverage periods.
Event: (e.g.: EV) Explanation of adjustment (reference legend that appears on statement).
Contracts Billed for Current Period: A recap of coverage and of all contracts billed on the Group Bill Statement.
Invoice Number: This number is indicated in the bottom right corner of the page and should be used when referencing a bill in any correspondence.

About the Bill

Our invoices are generated approximately one month in advance of the due date. This allows time to review the invoice and submit the premium payment in a timely manner. You are encouraged to pay your invoices as billed. Any adjustments made after the invoice has generated will reflect on the next month invoice.
A re-bill is a new invoice generated by inactivating the prior invoice. Re-bills are most commonly requested due to an error or a plan change received after invoices have generated.

Billing information for COBRA and GA State Continuation

Anthem Cobra  
Formally known as Cobra Solutions is responsible for mailing member changes and terminations on the system. They notify both you and the member of their status upon request or an agreement. Anthem Cobra sub groups generally end in 51 – 60. Cobra is only applicable if you have 20 or more employees.  
You are responsible for notifying the Membership department of New Cobra member adds / changes / terminations. Payments are included with your regular monthly premium. It is considered a group administered Cobra if a group administrators their own Cobra members or has contracted a third party administrator outside of us. Cobra sub groups generally end in 61-70. Cobra is only applicable if you have 20 or more employees.  
Ga. State Continuation 
Georgia has continuation coverage for employers that have less than 20 employees. This coverage is a continuation of the employee’s previous coverage that lasts for the remaining days in the month that the employee loses their coverage, and then for 3 full months. In order to qualify the employee must have had continuance coverage for at least 6 months.  
For more information on COBRA, click here
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