Annual Planned Visit Toolkit

The Annual Planned Visit toolkit is a resource for organizations to successfully establish a process for conducting annual routine physical exams for your Medicare Advantage patients. Each year it is important that your Medicare Advantage patients receive their annual visit so that you can document their burden of illness via ICD-10 coding and appropriate visit documentation. Annually, establishing care plans to close gaps in care is another key component of Medicare Advantage Annual Visits. The Annual Planned Visit Toolkit includes reference tools, examples of scripts and letters for patient outreach as well as resources for medication management. Use of the Annual Planned Visit Toolkit along with established quality improvement interventions can help achieve mutual goals related to the Triple Aim by impacting quality, impacting cost of care and driving patient satisfaction. 
The Annual Planned Visit Patient Tracker is designed to support practices with some of the best ways to manage their Medicare patients.  
Supports the Medicare Annual Planned Visit by allowing for pre-visit, visit and post-visit planning. 
Five different phone scripts to assist schedulers when contacting patients to schedule their Annual Routine Physical exam.  
A template letter informing Medicare Advantage plan members of their benefits (the Annual Routine Physical and the Annual Wellness Visit) and requesting an action to call the provider office to schedule their appointment.  
The Annual Planned Visit provides an opportunity to discuss medications with your patients, and the Medication Planner is a tool designed to highlight some of the key elements when reviewing medications with patients.  
How to manage high-risk medications strategically in the elderly to prevent adverse events and improve patient safety.  
Medication reconciliation is a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s medication regimen to improve patient safety.  
Understand the five dimensions of medication adherence and the factors that affect adherence, and other medication adherence tools. 
Annual Planned Visit Quick Hits  
Additional resources for use with the Annual Planned Visit.  
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The ABCs of Providing the Annual Wellness Visit
Are You Up-to-Date on Your Preventive Services?
Health Risk Assessment for Medicare Annual Wellness Visit
Department of Health and Human Services: CMS – Codes and Billing information for Preventative Services
Department of Health and Human Services: CMS – Annual Wellness Visit chart
Pharmacy Quality Alliance High-Risk Medications
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