Module 3: Enhancing Efficiency of Care

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Module 3 PDSA Submission Instructions  
The Care Coordination section of the scorecard includes a component for engagement and participation in the CDT activities as described in the Learning Collaborative section. To complete Module 3, practices are expected to submit 1 PDSA worksheet focused on enhancing the efficiency of care.  
The PDSA worksheet must be fully completed, including results, to receive credit. Click on the link to download a copy of the PDSA worksheet (Blank Template)

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This session focuses on impacting the efficiency of care to actualize The Triple Aim of improved quality, increase patient satisfaction and lower healthcare costs. Objectives include recognizing what cost of care means to stakeholders in the healthcare system and identifying cost effective, high quality solutions in healthcare choices that can lead to decreased cost, reducing waste and overuse.
As of January 1, 2018, CEU and CME credits will be discontinued.
1 hour
This session is meant to help specialty care practices that are committed to delivering high-quality cost-efficient patient-centered care. The tools and resources discussed are intended to help specialists to more efficiently manage patient care by guiding patients to high quality cost-efficient services with proven success
30 minutes
This session focuses on strategies and best practices for driving results and sustaining change. We discuss management of change fatigue and barriers to transformation. In addition, we explore the 6 components to sustaining practice transformation and elements of a sustainability plan
30 minutes
Module 3 Tools/Resources  
Below are a list tools and resources that practices can utilize to support enhancing the efficiency of care.  
Module 3 PDSA Example  
PDSA Example
Enhancing the Efficiency of Care Resources  
AIM Specialty Health Solutions┬« - AIM Specialty Health Solutions and the Safe Choices in Imaging Program promote the safe and cost effective use of clinical services including: radiology, cardiology, sleep breathing disorders, and radiation therapy. This program’s Provider Portal enables physicians to submit and confirm requests for high-tech diagnostic imaging exams via the web. The web-based Provider Portal gives physicians 24/7/365 accessibility to claims and eligibility information. In addition, AIM offers peer-to-peer consultations to physicians to help them adopt best practices in imaging.
Actualizing The Triple AimTM - The actualizing The Triple Aim resource focuses on short term and long term cost of care opportunities for both members and providers. Additionally, this resource aims to illustrate the importance of using of our health care dollars wisely and making related decisions to positively impact the Triple Aim.
Half Tablet Program - This program is a benefit that allows members to pay half of their usual co-pay cost on select prescription medications with instructions to take half of a tablet. This program results in a cost savings for the member. Medicaid and Medicare members are not eligible for this benefit program.
Improving Medication Adherence - This is a comprehensive slide deck that discusses the predictors and impact of medication non-adherence and identifies interventions for preventing and solving medication adherence barriers.
In-Network Lab Guides - This resource provides information regarding simple ways physicians can lower out-of-pocket costs (when possible and clinically appropriate) by ordering tests from an in-network, independent lab. As mentioned in the guide, not only is there potential savings in choosing in-network labs, there can also be significant cost differences between in-network labs due to variation in contracted rates.
Pharmacy Cost Reduction Strategies - This resource focuses on strategies to reduce cost of medications and improve quality of care. The Generic Prescribing Strategy describes the importance of using generic medications when appropriate as well as steps to implement within your practice. The Half Tablet Program and Preferred Glucometer Program are Anthem programs designed to support affordable medications and glucometers.
Preferred Glucometer Program - This program allows members with prescription benefits to receive a free preferred brand glucometer and lower cost test strips. This resource includes information about glucometers and test strip brands and instructions on how to obtain a free glucometer.
SoloHealth Station® - The SoloHealth Station is a consumer health and wellness kiosk that allows a patient to obtain multiple biometric measures and take a number of health assessment questionnaires, all of which are free of charge. SoloHealth makes it possible for your patient to send the data from the kiosk directly to you by entering your email address into the Station at the end of their session.
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