Diabetes Prevention

What is diabetes, and what's all the fuss over efforts to prevent it? Who's at risk? Use these informative articles to encourage employees to do all they can to help prevent diabetes from interfering in their lives:


What is Diabetes? (doc)
Who Gets Diabetes? (doc)
Are You At Risk for Diabetes? (doc)
Understanding Type 1 Diabetes (doc)
Understanding Type 2 Diabetes (doc)
What is Pre-diabetes? (doc)
Making Changes to Lower Diabetes Risk (doc)
How is Blood Sugar Measured? (doc)
Fast Fact: What Does Your Blood Sugar Number Mean? (doc)
Diabetes During Pregnancy (doc)


Prevent Type 2 Diabetes (pdf)
Five Small Steps (pdf)

Diabetes Management

Employees who are living with diabetes should know the importance of better management to help prevent worsening symptoms and other health complications. This section offers more info. to help them do just that:


Ways to Better Manage Diabetes (doc)
Yearly Check Up for People with Diabetes (doc)
Preventing Diabetes Complications (doc)
Eye Exams Are Important If You Have Diabetes (doc)
How Diabetes Affects My Feet (doc)
How Diabetes Affects My Nerves (doc)
How Diabetes Affects My Skin (doc)
Keeping Healthy Teeth and Gums When You Have Diabetes (doc)
Preventing Kidney Disease (doc)
Taking Medications Safely (doc)
Pharmacist Q & A (doc)
Some Medicines Don't Mix (doc)
Protecting Your Nerves (doc)


What to Know if You Have Diabetes (pdf)
Diabetes & Heart Disease Link (pdf)

Diabetes Posters

Print and display these colorful, engaging posters in highly visible areas of your worksite.
Sweet Life (pdf)
Battle Diabetes (pdf)
Head-to-Toe (yoga) (pdf)
Head-to-Toe (worker) (pdf)
Time Off (pdf)