Most people wouldn’t mind having a little extra money lying around these days. To help them watch their money grow, employees may want to shrink their waistlines and stop smoking.  Use these materials to help them understand how unhealthy habits like smoking and overeating/obesity may not only affect their health, but their costs of living too.

Informative Articles:

Hidden costs of overeating (doc)
Hidden costs of smoking (doc)

Colorful Posters:

Super-size (pdf)
Extra pounds (pdf)
Thick wallet (pdf)
Pile up (pdf)
Trade-in (pdf)
Retire (pdf)
Spend time (pdf)
Equity (pdf)

Helpful Links

These links provide employers access to more helpful tools and information on weight management and smoking cessation.  

CDC LEAN Works! A Workplace Obesity Prevention Program
This site is specifically designed for employers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It includes employer tools like an Obesity Cost Calculator to tabulate the cost of obesity to your company and what you may save by implementing an obesity management program in your organization. Get more info. here:

Smoke-free for Everyone

Smoke-free Women