General Cancer Materials

Help your employees learn more about the importance of good nutrition, regular physical activity and routine screenings to help fight cancer.


Nutrition and Cancer Prevention (doc)
Physical Activity and Cancer Risk (doc)


Display this colorful, informative poster to encourage employees to get appropriate cancer screenings.
Pie (pdf)

Women's Cancer Materials

Regular screening for breast and cervical cancer can save women's lives.


Breast Exams and Mammograms (doc)
Preventing Breast Cancer (doc)
Breast Cancer Risks (doc)
Top 10 Breast Cancer Myths (doc)
Preventing Cervical Cancer (doc)
Cervical Cancer Risks and Symptoms (doc)


Bouffant (pdf)

Colorectal Cancer

All men and women age 50+ should be aware of colorectal cancer risks and how screening can detect early signs of cancer. Share this info. with them today:


Preventing Colorectal Cancer (doc)
Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer (doc)

Fact Sheet:

Colorectal Cancer Screening Facts (pdf)


Fins (pdf)

Skin Cancer Materials

Skin health is vital to overall wellness. Employees can learn how to keep skin sun-safe and what to do if abnormal changes occur.


Your Suit of Armor (doc)
Sun Well: Protecting Your Skin (doc)
Understanding Sun Protection Factor (SPF) (doc)
Skin Self-Exams (doc)
Preventing Skin Cancer (doc)

Just for Fun:

Sun Bytes (doc)


Fun In the Sun (pdf)
Rub On (pdf)

Prostate Cancer Materials

Men age 50+ should understand risks, symptoms and tests for prostate cancer, especially African Americans.


Preventing Prostate Cancer (doc)
Prostate Cancer Facts (doc)
Symptoms of Prostate Cancer (doc)

Smokeless Tobacco Materials

Helping your employees understand the dangers of using smokeless tobacco - or any type of tobacco - and encouraging them to quit can help reduce the risk of certain illnesses and cancer.


The Power In a Little Tin Can (doc)
Be a Quitter (doc)
Things About Smokeless Tobacco That Make You Say, "Hmm?" (doc)


Dip (pdf)
Chemistry (pdf)