Physical Activity Articles

Making lifestyle changes like regular exercise doesn't always happen instantly. Read more on the stages of healthy change and how your employees can get started.

Stages of Readiness for Increasing Physical Activity:

Thinking About Becoming Physically Active (doc)
Preparing to Become More Physically Active (doc)
Being Physically Active (doc)
Maintaining a Good Routine (doc)

Additional Articles:

Don't Look Now!...You Just May Be Exercising (doc)
Examples of "Moderate" Activity (doc)
Fitness May Cut Stroke Risk (doc)
How Much Physical Activity Do I Need? (doc)
Physical Activity and Cancer Risk (doc)
Walking Cuts Blood Pressure (doc)

Physical Activity Posters

These eye-catching posters show how fun, everyday activities can burn up the calories and help keep a healthy heart.
In the Yard (pdf)
Clean Bill of Health (pdf)
Strike It Big (pdf)
Moving Experience (pdf)
Sock-Hop (pdf)
So Much Fun (pdf)
Win (pdf)
Giant Leap (pdf)

Physical Activity Payroll Stuffers

What a great place to insert some healthy information for your employees.
Win (pdf)
Giant Leap (pdf)

Physical Activity Intensity Chart

From golfing to grocery shopping. Find out what counts as "moderate" or "vigorous" activity. You may be surprised.
Activity Intensity Chart (pdf)