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Savannah Health Insurance Plans

Because it is close to the moderating effects of the Atlantic Ocean, Savannah enjoys milder winters and cooler summers than much of the southeast United States. This allows its residents to keep healthy by enjoying the outdoors all year round, whether to visit the many historic sites in the city or participate in water sports or other outdoor activities. When health care is needed, Savannah has many hospitals, clinics and other medical resources to get its people up and about as quickly as possible. The new Mercer University medical school will ensure that Savannah and the surrounding area will continue to have a source of medical professionals trained in the latest medical technology.

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia Savannah Health Insurance Plans

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia offers Individual and Family health insurance and dental & vision plans.

Other Savannah health insurance plans we offer:

In addition to a variety of medical plans for individuals and families, we offer dental plans with optional vision coverage in Savannah and the rest of Georgia.

For your convenience, at you can:

  • Find detailed information on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia Individual and Family medical plans and dental & vision plans
  • Find doctors, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health care providers in Savannah

Major Healthcare Providers & Medical Centers in Savannah, GA

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia offers a large network of doctors, hospitals, and other health-care providers in Savannah. Our in-network providers have agreed to accept lower negotiated rates (discounted prices) for their covered services. These agreed upon rates can help lower the cost of covered health care services, including your share of the costs. This is true when you are paying the whole cost for covered services (such as while you are meeting your deductible). And it’s also true when we are sharing the cost (while you are meeting your out-of-pocket limit).