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New options for getting health insurance

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new health coverage

If your employer offers a health care plan, you can choose to enroll in it. As of 2014, your state may also offer a new health insurance marketplace (also known as exchanges). This offers another option where you can compare and purchase health plans.

And if your job doesn't offer coverage, you can also buy a plan from the marketplace - or from a health insurance company. In short, you still have the same choices for getting coverage as you did before, plus the marketplace.

Here's what's new

People who can get health insurance through their jobs often do. Health care reform offers one more way of getting health care – through the health insurance marketplace (also known as exchanges). You can only get a tax credit or subsidy if you buy a plan through the marketplace.

Learn more about the health insurance marketplace (also known as exchanges).

How it impacts you

You can choose a plan that your work offers, buy right from an insurer or from the health insurance marketplace.

Have questions?

Do all jobs have to offer health insurance to workers?

No. Jobs with more than 50 full-time workers do not have to offer health insurance until 2016.

If I buy from the marketplace, will my job help me pay for it?

It's up to your work. They don't have to.

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