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What is BCBSGa's 360° Health® program?

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Breast Cancer Care Program

The BCBSGa Breast Cancer Care Program is designed to improve the care and treatment of persons with breast cancer. Physician and Layperson Advisory Panels helped us develop the program, and we are now able to offer you, a breast cancer survivor, these support and educational materials.  
You should always talk with your own doctor before you begin any new plan of treatment or if you have questions as you do your research. 
We want you to be fully informed about your personal treatment options. To help you participate in shared decision making with your physicians, the following materials may be helpful.  
Resource List
Patient Education Booklet
Patient Checklist
Clinical Trials
We understand that the fight against cancer can be difficult. Remember, that as a BCBSGa member you can call our 24-hour nurse call line, BlueChoice On-Call at (888) 724-BLUE [724-2583]. Call the nurse call line if you have questions or need assistance.  
1. Resource List - offers support and additional helpful resources to breast cancer patients and their caregivers. 
It is normal to go through a period of surprise or disbelief when you are diagnosed with cancer or a life-threatening illness. The good news is that help is available! You, your family or other members of your support team may experience symptoms of stress. This can interfere with your ability to cope, so you might wish to seek additional support. 
To see the Resource List click here. 
2. Patient Education Booklet – contains information on many topics related to breast cancer.  
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has prepared this booklet to assist patients with breast cancer understand and cope with their disease. Included you will find a collection of materials that explain: 

Some key points to remember when battling breast cancer.

Your rights and how to take control.

How breast cancer is diagnosed.

Treatment options. The treatment you select is a serious decision. You should thoroughly understand your options and discuss it with your doctor.

Support issues. Cancer is a difficult diagnosis to deal with. Resources for support are included to help you and your family through these difficult times.

Special populations and how cancer can affect people differently.

The basic anatomy of the breast and breast cancer.

Resources are offered for more information, and to explain medical terms.

To see the Patient Education Booklet click here. 
3. Patient Checklist – suggests questions to ask your doctors at each stage of treatment.  
Regular communication with your doctor is important in making informed decisions about your health care. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how trivial you might think they are. Getting answers to these questions should help you make treatment decisions that you are comfortable with. 

Diagnosing breast cancer

Before treatment begins

Before having radiation therapy

Before having systemic therapy (chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or biological therapy)

Recovery and long-term follow-up

To see the Patient Checklist click here. 
4. Clinical Trials - The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) believes that the management of the cancer patient can be enhanced in a clinical trial. Participation in clinical trials is especially encouraged. 
Georgia Clinical Trials Agreement with The Georgia Cancer Coalition ("GCC"), a Georgia nonprofit corporation  
The Georgia Cancer Coalition ("GCC"), a Georgia nonprofit corporation, has been formed to act as a catalyst and conduit for best practices in cancer screening, research, and treatment throughout the State of Georgia. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, in collaboration with GCC has a similar compelling interest in assisting the GCC to improve the methods of cancer detection, treatment, and prevention.  

Purpose of this Agreement

The intent and purpose of this Agreement is to provide for insurance coverage for certain services related to cancer for those Georgians covered by the health insurance policies issued by the undersigned insurers. Such coverage will promote the health and welfare of the people of Georgia. There are two general areas covered pursuant to this Agreement: (1) coverage of the routine patient care costs for persons participating in cancer clinical trials within Georgia; and (2) coverage of screening tests as described in section 2.0 of this agreement. 
To view the Clinical Trials Agreement click here. 
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