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What is BCBSGa's 360° Health® program?

A total-health solution that surrounds everyone with the help they need to live healthier, feel better and save money doing it.

Your Doctor Can Help You Understand

Sometimes health information and instructions are hard to understand. But we can make it easier for you. Here is how:  
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Our Customer Care Center has people who speak your language. They can also explain information that is hard to understand. The telephone number of our Customer Care Center is on the back of your member ID card. You can call toll free.  
Call us if you need help to:  
Find a doctor.
Fill out a form.
Understand something we have sent you.
Solve a problem or complaint about your care or service.
Easy-to Read Health Information
The links below take you to:  
Easy to read health brochures in English and Spanish.
Easy to read health brochures in Chinese.
Your Doctor Can Help You Understand
It is important that you understand what your doctor and the office staff tell you. It is also important to find health care workers who speak your language or can understand your culture and beliefs.  
Find out how your doctor can help you understand.

Learn how to find a doctor who speaks your language. How to prepare for a doctor visit. What questions to ask your doctor, the nurse or pharmacist. What to expect from an American-trained doctor

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