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Web Overview - A Quick Interactive Video

Watch an interactive video about It asks you questions and shows you how our website can work for you.

Go directly to the web tools you want to learn about by one of the section links below.

More Videos

go to basics of health insurance video
Basics of Health Insurance

An interactive video that helps you better understand how your health plan works.

go to basics of medicare video
Basics of Medicare

Are you new to Medicare? Do you want to learn more about the parts of Medicare, the costs and how to enroll? Watch an interactive video to learn how to find the right plan for you.

Kids on Health Care Reform

Learn about the new Health Care Reform laws through the eyes of a child.

go to gym video
Defining your game plan

How a health plan can protect you from unexpected costs -- and cover your preventive care.

go to art video
Big picture changes in health care

Learn about pre-existing conditions, lifetime dollar limits, dependents and more.

go to math video
How to get financial help

It's basic math -- how getting a "subsidy" can help you pay for your health coverage.

go to play video
Coverage on the job

How your workplace can open the curtain to excellent coverage.

go to cafeteria video
A menu of options

You now have more choices than ever to get quality, affordable health care.

go to history video
Do you have a grandfathered plan?

Learn what a "grandfathered" plan is -- and reasons to keep yours.

go to science video
What to know before you buy a plan

Crack the science of choosing a plan that meets your needs.

go to library video
Get schooled on the Individual Mandate

Bottom line, everyone must have coverage.

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