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No discrimination due to gender for health coverage

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no gender discrimination

Right now, health insurers can charge more based on your gender when you sign up for an individual or small group employee plan. For example, some health insurers may charge women more than men for coverage to cover costs related to women's health, such as pregnancy and child birth. This is known as "gender rating".

But beginning in 2014 that will change. Health insurers will not be able to charge you more based on your gender.

How it impacts you

You will not pay more for coverage if you're a woman.

Will my plan include coverage for having a baby?

Yes. Starting in 2014, health plans for individuals and small employers must offer "essential health benefits". This includes maternity and newborn care.

Before 2014, how can women find affordable coverage?

You can check with an agent or call health plans who offer coverage where you live.

The federal government has an online tool "Explore your coverage & pricing options" at to help you find health plans in your state. Just pick the state where you live, fill out a few questions and the website will give you choices for coverage.

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