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Shop and Compare Medicare or Individual & Family Plans

How to choose the right health insurance plan for you

Where do I start?

If you don't get medical coverage through your employer, you can still buy Individual and Family health insurance directly from an insurer, like BCBSGA. Or you can buy it on a new state or federal Health Insurance Marketplace (also called a "Health Insurance Exchange.") Either way:

  • Your coverage is guaranteed, regardless of your health.
  • There are no lifetime dollar limits on covered health services.
  • You get preventive health care at no additional cost.

Whether you choose an BCBSGA plan offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace or direct through BCBSGA, we have great plan options for you!

Can I get help paying for my coverage?

You may qualify for tax credits to help lower the cost of your monthly premium. You may also qualify for subsidies, which can reduce the amount you pay for health care services. The amount of financial help you could receive is based on your income, family size and health care expenses where you live.

What if I already have Individual Health Coverage?

Determine if your current plan is "grandfathered" or "non-grandfathered."

  • Your plan is grandfathered if you bought or changed it before March 23, 2010.
  • Your plan is non-grandfathered if you bought or changed it after March 23, 2010.
  • Not sure if your plan has changed since March 23, 2010? Check with your insurer.

If you have a grandfathered individual or family health insurance plan, here's what you need to know:

  • You can keep your current plan, which is not required to comply with the new health care law.
  • You will not be able to add new members.
  • You can switch to a new plan if you want to.

3 reasons to keep your grandfathered health plan:

  1. It may cost less than a new plan. (However, your costs could go up in the future.)
  2. Your current plan may offer more flexibility for your specific needs since it doesn't have to match new plan levels set by the new health care law.
  3. Once you leave a grandfathered plan, you can't go back to it.

If you have a non-grandfathered individual or family plan, you must make a choice by 2014:

  • Stay with your current plan, which will change to comply with the new health care law. -OR-
  • Switch to a new plan that complies with the new health care law.

3 reasons to choose a new plan:

  1. You'll get preventive health care benefits at no cost, including checkups, flu shots, mammograms, cholesterol screenings, vision exams for kids and more.
  2. You may save money on your premiums by choosing a higher deductible or different benefits, or you may qualify for financial help on medical coverage.
  3. The cost of your current plan could go up.

Need help deciding?

Health Care Reform

Learn more about how the new health care reform law affects you

Health Insurance Subsidy Calculator

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Change My Health Coverage Tool

Need help deciding if you should keep an existing plan?

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