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Thank you for visiting our Blue Precision Physician Recognition Program Information. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us shape a site that is informative and easy to use. We invite you to share your feedback by completing the survey below.

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I was able to find the information I was looking for on the site.
The program information posted on this web site is easy to understand.
The program information is useful in helping me understand how the quality and cost designations were determined.
It is easy to find and understand the Blue Precision Program information.
Was the notification letter adequate for you to understand your designation, the program methodology and your ability to review and supplement our administrative claims data? If no, please supply additional comments below.
If you requested additional program information, did the information adequately explain your designation?
Were you satisfied with the validation process for your Blue precision results? If no, please indicate recommendations as to what could be done to improve the validation.
I would recommend using Blue Precision Program Information to others.
Please indicate what you liked most or the information you found to be most useful about Blue Precision Physician Recognition Program.  Please enter your comments in the box below.
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